Patent War Continues: Apple Requires 1.2 Billion. Added by Samsung

The longstanding patent war between Apple and Samsung will take no end. Now requires Apple additional 1.2 billion. DKK by Samsung.

Samsung suffered a great loss at the beginning of december, as it after many years of struggle in several courts were determined that the South Korean company in the 14. December was paying Apple $ 548 million. equivalent to no less than 3.7 billion. Crowns. But it is not enough, if it were up to Apple.

It all started back in the spring of 2011, where Apple defendant Samsung for violation of several patents, among other things. “tap to zoom” patent. The year after getting Apple’s favour and thus required 17 billion. crowns of Samsung in compensation, but got “only” a right to a claim on 6.8 billion kroner.

After years of appeals and further lawsuits were recuderet to claim first 6.3 billion. Crowns and later 3.7 billion. dollars in May this year. This is the billion fine that Samsung just two weeks ago has agreed to pay Apple.

This amount does not appear to be sufficient, since the California-based it giant in a statement requires additional payment for violation of the original patent rights. Specifically, writes Apple’s compensation lawyer, Julie Davis, that Apple is seeking additional payment after the closing date of the jurors reading, which by the company itself is valued at $ 180 million. or 1.2 billion. Crowns.

On the website the Foss Patents, it is assessed that Samsung will pay such additional amounts are hardly without a fight, and therefore there is laid up for yet another showdown in retssalenene between the two parties. Samsung, however, has not yet responded to the additional requirements from Apple — at least in public.