Osram Led Lamp for Price Footers

One of the first Osram LED new releases in 2013 is a model that is supposed to replace conventional 40 watt incandescent bulbs with a “warm white” light color. It is dimmable and still available for less than 20 euros: the “Parathom Classic A 40 7.5 W / 827 E27 & quot ;  What separates them from their more expensive and somewhat older sisters, the test clarifies.

Try to get a decent round, “warm-white”, dimmable E27 LED lamp with 470 lumens of luminous flux. This is more difficult than imagined; Not even Lichtgigant Philips or the “retrofit” specialist LEDON have exactly what currently in the program.

Usually, only the stronger and far more expensive LED lamps are equipped with the “luxury feature” dimmability – approximately the equivalent for 60- and 75-watt incandescent lamps. You will find a performance floor deeper rather punctually and with smaller providers, but now also with Osram – and the immediately double.

Both models call themselves “Parathom Classic A 40 Advanced”, can replace 40 watt incandescent bulbs according to the EU standard, light up with a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, equal with 116 mm length and 62 mm diameter, with 30,000 lighting hours and 200,000 Switching cycles have the same lifetime and shine with four years of manufacturing guarantee.

Differences in watt, color and price

But the similarities end there. The exact look at the type names reveals that the new model does not require a degree specification and has 7.5 watts of power, while the older “320 °” carries in the name and swallows 8 watts. In addition, the technical data reveals a small difference in the color rendering index : Ra 80 in the new, Ra 82 in the older.

This difference will probably only be recognized by experts, but what is different from the rest: The lamps look quite different and do not cost the same. The “degree-loose” model is for under 20 euros to buy, the other for significantly more. Where is the dog buried? Must price fights with the cheaper lamp about what do without? Yes, they must – but is usually not so bad.

The beam angle makes it

The more expensive model – like the already tested, stronger “A 75 Advanced” version – has a largely round, homogeneous beam angle. This is indicated by “320 °”, ie nearly a 360-degree full circle. In order to achieve this almost incandescent lamp-identical characteristic, a high technical effort has to be used with LED lamps – with numerous individual chips all around the lamp head.

It is a little easier if only the 200 degree half- angle is used. According to incredibleflashlight.com, then only a few LEDs are sufficient and a dimmed luminaire glass with corresponding optics ensures the light scatter. With the 7.5 watt Osram model the result looks like this:

This is not a perfect omnidirectional radiator; Around 80% of the light is emitted upwards and sideways according to data sheet, only about 20 per cent downwards. The package imprint “surround light” with a uniformly distributed number of arrows around a stylized lamp is therefore rather misleading. If the lamp is mounted the other way round than in the picture – for example suspended under the ceiling – it illuminates a room well while the ceiling itself is only slightly lit. In many cases, however, the disadvantage of the lack of ambient radiation is the advantage: because a larger part of the 470 lumen luminous flux is distributed over a smaller spatial angle, the light intensity is so high that even a 60 watt incandescent lamp can be replaced.

Not everyone likes to see them “naked”

However, you should not expect the Osram LED lamp to have the same light color as a “light bulb” even though the color temperature is nominally similar to 2700 Kelvin. It looks somewhat whiter and “colder” when looking at the lamp head. The objects and parts of the room illuminated by it nevertheless look almost as if they were irradiated by a conventional incandescent lamp.

Ideal for friends of the homely-cozy light would be the use in a luminaire which prevents this direct insight or weakens something. This also applies to the more expensive 8-Watt model. However, since the perception of light is very subjective, there are also a lot of people who have no problem with a “naked” mounted “Classic A 40” and their quite impressive brightness.

With a dimmer it is possible to reduce it if necessary – depending on the dimmer model, the possible voltage ranges are very different: in some cases, this is from 0 to 98 percent of the maximum luminous flux (MK S1535) and partly only from 11 to 81% (PEHA 433HAB)Bad with flickering and buzzing (DIY store forest and meadows phase dimmer with too much minimum load). The dimmers tested by Osram with this lamp version can be found in the detailed, English- language data sheet (pdf download).

More than 80% savings potential

Speaking of a surrendering lamp: Often, this sound is heard only shortly after switching on and becomes much quieter after a short warming. According to my measurements, there is only a moderate 50 degrees of the middle housing part near the “ Tc point” – the lamp head remains under 30 degrees and therefore safe for children’s hands. The energy efficiency is about 63 lumens / watt in the upper mid-range of dimmable LED lamps, the savings potential compared to a 40 watt bulb over 80%.

There is no significant switch-on delay, only a brief dynamic adjustment to the current dimming setting. If, for example, you set the controller to “half” and then activate the lamp with a separate switch, it regulates briefly from “zero” to “full” and only then back to “half”.This takes about one second. When it is switched off, it takes about two seconds to get completely dark – so it shines a little (I did not remember that before in the case of incandescent lamps, I hardly remember).

In short:

If you do not need a perfect omnidirectional lamp and no more than 470 lumens, but still attaches importance to dimmability and good light quality, Osram now finds an affordable LED alternative – despite “made in China” not really cheap, but with less than 20 euros quite cheap. On my rating scale for LED offers from 1 to 5 gets the new release Four and a half stars.