Ocean Completo Suffers a “Massive Impact” That Lets Your Customers of Internet Fixed without Service

Update: We add new release of Ocean’s, which explains details about the problem.

Made quite some time since we didn’t have to talk about an incidence of a significant size in an operator. Usual were the fall of mobile networks, sometimes affecting the data connection, generating serious damage both to customers and operators, by its obligation to compensate those affected only.

But today is to speak of the impact of Ocean’s users are suffering. Since yesterday have been going on complaints from customers of fixed broadband operator, who would have remained offline. After hours of speculation by the lack of communication from the company are running a “massive impact” as the cause of their problems.

After more than 24 hours since the first complaints on Twitter, the speculation about what may be happening with Ocean’s have arrived. The operator has its fall web and your customer number is not working, what has fueled the hypothesis of a possible brief disappearance. But the operator has just given signs of life, with the following statement:

Ocean’s advises that, due to a massive incidence, intermittent connection drops have been reported in certain telecommunications services during yesterday and today. This has come to affect even at our own facilities, making it impossible to communicate with our customers.
The Department continues to work to restore services affected as soon as possible and continue with the normal operation of the company.
Once solved, will offer detailed information on the incidence and on compensatory measures to be applied to the clients. We apologise for any inconvenience that this situation has been able to generate.

The extended version of the company offered to know is that they are experiencing a DNS attack, which has left without connection to its 3,000 customers of fixed broadband. What should not be justifiable is that it has had to spend more than one day to affected users by it would have had some justification.

Finished the silence from the company, is now expected turn to Ocean’s service is restored completely and of course, the appropriate compensation that will offer the operator customers by the time remaining without service.

Update: Ocean’s has issued a new statement that provides more details about the incident that has affected them: “Ocean’s advises that at 10:00 hours last Wednesday suffered an attack of denial of service (DDoS) which mainly affected DNS servers (whose mission is to provide service to customers with ADSL and fibre). Since then there were random cuts affecting unequally to our customers. Voice and data mobile services were affected passes 12 o’clock with loss of speed in navigation and low quality of voice. After analysing both incidents was determined that they were not apparent relationship between them. At 17:00 o’clock came the loss of one of the nodes, causing the second pass to support all traffic. At 22:00 hours, this second node joined failure and 00: 00 both configurations of equipment no longer answer, causing a degradation in all services. Ocean’s has given priority to the service of mobility, in particular to impact business and social services. Mobility customers have recovered all of its services while ADSL and fiber services recover it during the next few hours. As a compensatory measure, Ocean’s will be in the next billing payment relevant to all affected customers. Also the maximum technical and economic efforts will be made so that faults like this do not affect new users. From the company we want to thank our customers compression and affable treatment you have shown in us at the moment.”