New Vodafone at Home Total: The Fixed Mobile Wherever You Are

Vodafone launched months ago its service to replace traditional fixed telephony that allows you to maintain the fixed number leaving to pay costs associated with the maintenance of the fixed telephony (more than €15 per month), receive a single invoice for telephony and generate points Vodafone for the fixed invoice.

Remember that the service of Vodafone at home is offered in two modes: ONE with calls by 1 cent/minute to landlines more call set-up for a monthly fee of 3 euros (most minimum consumption) and FLAT RATE with calls completely free to landlines and with a fixed number for a fee of 15 euros per month (without any additional minimum consumption).

As of February 15, 2009 the two previous modalities will activate the total mobility so the advantages of each mode can be also carried out of House nationwide without any geographical restriction.

This service will be available both for Vodafone at home as for ADSL and will have a cost of 5 euros extra each month in mode rate 1 euro extra per month for one mode or flat.

A very logical move by Vodafone that its experience with enterprise customers, knew that total mobility option that many private clients demanded from long ago. Also this service is already compatible with the traditional ADSL so it removes the initial problem that prevented hiring fixed with this advantages broadband.