New Rates “Flat” Voice in Movistar

One of the major demands of users of mobile telephony are the flat rates: to pay a fixed monthly price and call without worrying duration, although so far the offers are always throwing were limited in time and in minutes, as the Orange (which even has gone to worsen their conditions over time). In the next few days, Movistar will launch their flat rates for voice, still being limited in minutes, but they are at least not restricted to specific timetables. There will be two main classes: the family and the intensive flat rate.

The biggest novelty is the Flat rate for intensive users, available from the 8th. Will be treated in bonds of minutes (as we are accustomed when erroneously say “flat rate”) to any destination and time. There will be three modalities: 500 minutes (for 69 euros a month), 750 minutes (for 99 euros) or 1500 minutes (for 159 euros). Consuming all of the bonus, the minute would be 14 cents, 13 cents or 11 cents respectively: about prices offered by any virtual operator without having to buy the minutes to the wholesale. That Yes, as promotion, users who contracted it before October 31st they will have a discount of 30 euros monthly fee until January.

In addition, will also launch the Family flat rate, that can be grouping lines of prepaid and contract, plus a number fixed in a single invoice (as currently with module one family). By 3 euros per month each line will have from 500 minutes in calls to the rest of the family. This product will be available the next day 6.

We update with official information for Movistar: The price of minute once consumed the bonus in the flat rates of 500, 750 and 1500 minutes must be 15, 13 and 11 cents per minute respectively.

In addition these rates are put on sale for a limited time: November 30 will not be marketed.