New Google Glass-glasses on the Way: Here Are the First Pictures

Google is on its way with a new and improved version of the high-tech goggles, Google Glass. Now the first images appeared.

Google’s computer-controlled spectacle with the quite descriptive name, Google has since the project’s beginning, Glass in 2011 pulled many headlines and resulted in some controversy.

It does not, however, be borne by Google from trying it with yet another edition of the smart glasses with an optical head mounted monitor that magnifies up in one’s field of vision.

The American accrediting officer, FCC, which sees electronics with network technology through the seams, has published a number of documents with associated images that reveal the new Google Glass-spectacle.

This is the same basic design with the thin piece of metal that make up the spectacle made while al electronics hiding on the right side behind a plastic shell. The biggest design change is that the frames can now be folded together like normal glasses, since there now is hinges mounted along the eyeglass frame.

Where the current Google Glass-spectacle is being charged with microUSB, Google now switches over to a so-called pogo-cable, which reminiscent of Apple’s MacSafe connector. Here it will probably also be magnets that hold the cable and the frames together.

Much of the controversy that has arisen around Google Glass, is that people may associate other in public without the outside world can know it in any way. The documents from the FCC reveals that Google is trying to remedy this problem by adding an indicator that glows green in front of the camera, when filmed.

The last news in the new Google Glass is the addition of WiFi on the 5 GHz band in addition to the existing Ribbon at 2.4 GHz. It should therefore result in a better connection between Google Glass and the smart phone.

Aimed at the business community

Google Glass has not yet been released as a finished product, but something has always been in a phase of development as part of the Google X-Division, who are experimenting with futuristic projects as, among other things. Google’s self propelled car and Project Loon, consisting of balloons with 4 g antennas.

In the summer of 2015, there has been rumour that Google dropping to launch the frames to the public and instead launches it in the form of a Enterprise Edition meant for business. If it is the case, only time will tell. One thing is certain: Google Glass lives on – just as the company promised back in March.