Network WiFi for Customers of R Grows to over 50,000 Points in Galicia

Every time we consume more data is a fact and notice it mobile networks. Many have suffered and, despite indicating your mobile phone we have good coverage, the data connection is very slow or directly there When are we in large agglomerations.

And aware of these operators have established, in different ways, large networks WiFi to download work to their mobile networks, or to reduce the invoice to pay your network provider. And to that end R was one of the pioneers operators in that build a WiFi network in the streets for customers and now plays renew the service, by multiplying the number of available access points.

The WiFi network for clients of R grows. It was at the beginning of 2012 when the Millicom Galician began to build a network that provide connection to its customers in the street without having to make use of the data. In principle were 300 points deployed for that purpose, who later joined thousands of routers from customers who previously gave its authorization.

More than 50,000 points in all Galicia

But R has now decided to take a leap. Despite having received permission from the majority of their Internet clients fixed to attach your router to your WiFi network, the operator decided not to use all of them. But with such approval in the drawer long R will begin now to use those routers to enlarge its network, reaching more than 50,000 points in Galicia.

There will also be other small developments. The first is that moving from the 150 hours of use allowed a month to 20 GB traffic, after which the rate will be reduced to 256 kbps. All Internet or mobile operator customers, who get a user (or simultaneous connection) for every combo can be connected to the service or mobile to have contracted.

As in other cases, customers who do not provide their router for service nor can connect to networks of other customers. Also change the SSID to which will have to be connected users, which will be called wificlientesr. The application for Android and iOS will allow control the consumption of data, both via mobile network wificlientesr.

Those who want to connect from a laptop or tablet, or a mobile phone that does not have an operator SIM inside may also do so, using an email address and password. Finally, to ensure the quality of the service limited to five simultaneous connections which can withstand each router’s private clients.

Anyway, R will also examine areas where there may be a greater demand to deploy points dedicated to this service, which can provide connection to more users at the same time. Also worth mentioning that the operator works to provide this service out of Galicia, looking for agreements with other operators, but for now it will have to wait.