[Mw] The Sovereignty of the Midi Skirt

There are people who twist the nose. But, we dare to say: you’ll also end up surrendering the sovereignty of midi length. Easy, we can explain why such insight. After follow the 12 Land mine Trend parades and run by the business Hall of the event, we have come to the conclusion that he is, in fact, the darling of the time.

But, that’s not news, huh? Last winter he appeared shy, continued making fun in the summer and now consolidates your reign. In knitting, in jacquard, in taffeta… the tissues are diverse and the modeling as well as ball, evasê, pencil. Has for all tastes and styles. What counts, is to invest in the proposal.

For those who don’t know, midi is characterized by the length just below the knee and can get to the middle of the Shin. This proposal was born in 20 years, gained momentum in the years 50 and, now, remodeled and can be a key piece to form a production that combines information sets, comfort and femininity exacerbated.

Do you like this trend or even afraid of risk? Well, while you think about it, you can start to fall in love while enjoying those models that were featured on the catwalk. Check out:

Mariana Weicket shone in the parade of Mabel Magalhães and used the midi skirt in two completely different proposals: on the look of the left, the model and presenter appears with midi skirt + embroidered sweatshirt, a rereading of the trend sport couture, which is one of the hottest betting next season. Already in production on the right, Mari appears more sophisticated, with the jacket, all embroidery, on the white shirt. Two beautiful ideas to invest in midi skirt, do you agree?

Also in the parade of Mabel Magalhães, other proposals with the midi-length in different modeling: romantic dress, pencil skirt skirt evasê sophisticated and modern according to fashionconfidentials. When we look at all the pictures, we can conclude that, in fact, this length exudes femininity, regardless of style.

In the parade of Lucas Magalhães, further more contemporary productions and equally interesting and inspiring. Valley use midi skirt with the sweatshirt, mixing prints. Another idea is to compose the dress with a jacket too long. Elegance in the Act!

Alessa, Faven and Jardin also brought looks with midi skirt sweetheart. It’s good to see such different brands exploring the length. So we can realize the versatility of this trend.

Patrícia Motta brought leather models. Worked in various forms, the raw material also reveals a perfect base for midi-length pieces.