Movistar Offers Discounts on Calls in Exchange for Permanence

It seems that, after the recent adjustments of rates, operators need to “tie” customers with contracts of tenure, and in this sense Movistar has found a reef using a technique that already applied in the business market: offer modules for free (or price) in Exchange for commitments of permanence.

For now, Movistar has launched three. The first of them is 100 x 1 module, which we told you about a few days ago. With this module, for 3 euros per month (by signing a one-year stay, otherwise are 10 euros per month) is paid only the first minute of each call to Movistar, speaking the following free 99.
On the other hand, is the module fee reduced 24 hours, which lowers the price of contract 24 hours calls to EUR 0,162 min (6 cents more to Yoigo and Euskaltel) for free if we signed for one more year, or 15 euros a month otherwise. Only you can hire for a few weeks.

Thirdly, the 50 SMS module that offers also free 50 SMS Movistar each month in Exchange for 12 months of permanence. Otherwise, the price is € 6 per month.

In all three cases, the technique is the same: offer an advantageous module at an attractive price if you sign stay or at a fairly higher price if the commitment is not. The only problem is that it is not very clear if it’s modules for all clients or only some selected, as customer responses (609) are very different depending on the call.