Movistar Launches The Second Part of Their Christmas Promotion

As did Vodafone launching two promotions this Christmas (3 cents/minute and Super 60 × 1) forever now Movistar announces the second part for the month of January after his 100 × 1 to all.

On this occasion repeats his promotion last year with & #8220;We reward your trust“ and that able to speak the last 7 days of every month with Movistar numbers paying only the establishment of call During many months or years you have seniority in the company (maximum up to the month of November 2009 inclusive).

This second promotion will enroll card and contract for 3 euros between December 10 and January 17, 2009 being limited to a maximum of 1.20 million activations and up to 1000 free minutes per month.

Interestingly the first promotion of Vodafone served for calls between the same operator (and fixed) and the second to all operators as Movistar has been around launching the first for all calls and the second for calls between the same operator (but not fixed).

If I juntásemos the two promotions to be able to compare them best with competition, with 24 hours of Movistar rate for 1 month talk always by 36 cents/call any time and destination except Movistar calls that would cost 15 cents/call 7 days for a fee of 9 euro.

With Vodafone you pay for the entire 18 month cents/call to Vodafone or fixed and 34 cents/call to mobile for a fee of € 13.

Orange plays on another scale because it offers something very different: 15 cents/call to Orange only and only from 7 pm for a fee of 3 euros (6 euros within two months lasting promotion).

Apart from the comparison for which we have taken an entire month, should be taken into account as calls to 15 cents between Movistar the last 7 days of the month are expanded for as many months as an antique in the operator, as calls to 3 cents with Vodafone last three months, than the Super 60 × 1 in Vodafone It will be valid forever for €12 / month and that Orange It also includes sms and free mms to Orange at the same time for two months.

Do you seem to the? Christmas promotions from this year? Will they get to make shadow low cost operators after the bad results of October?