Movistar and Vodafone Promote Free Your “Internet Mobile”

Every day are released more terminals oriented to browsing Internet from the mobile itself so during 2008, operators launched several rates with unlimited traffic for these users.

Mobile looks increasingly like voice revenues go down in favour of income by data that do not stop increase month-to-month so it is a good time to attract customers who want internet on your mobile.

When Vodafone threw his rate mobile internet flat, he promoted it in a way free for a full month and now extends this promotion for all who give of high for the first time before July 31, 2009 in either flat rates (6 or 12 euros).

Now Movistar also apply an identical promotion until 30 April (although it would not be surprising to extend it) in which your fare share flat Internet on the mobile phone of 10 euros will be free for the first month.

Surprisingly, on this occasion, Movistar or Vodafone ask nothing in return. All interested customers (new and existing) will enjoy the promotion No permanence of any kind for a month and then take it down although there is that clarify that, if you get a better price in the purchase of a mobile phone by going associated with a rate of internet, only in those cases, the rate if it implies permanence.