Movistar 60 Euro IPhone Rebate Until End of Stock

Movistar starts June 1 its summer campaign by lowering the price of the iPhone up to 75% among other innovations that you will discover in the coming days to reinforce to the months in which 40 percent of the mobile telephony market activity occurs.

According to Movistar, rebate tries to encourage the use of data for mobile rates but it is more likely that after nearly a year since it was put on sale the iPhone 3 G in Spain, it is likely that it has started the countdown to ending the current stocks before the arrival of future new versions of the iphone.

The reduction will affect terminal in versions 8 and 16 GB with any of the combinations of rates for voice of 9, 20, 40, 60 or 90 euros with data of 15 or 25 euros rates.

For example, the iPhone 3G 16 Gb with a minimum consumption of voice of 40 euros and a data rate of 15 euros per month may be purchased by 19 euros in portability or 49 euros in migration (front 79 and 109 euro costing up to now).

But it seems that those who benefit most from the reduction will be current customers of the operator who may acquire the terminal through the from EUR 291 and 6,500 points points program with the data rate of 15 euros or 200 euros at the rate of 25 euros per month against the 376 and 285 which will cost until June 1).