Mobile Bankinter, Another MVNO Born in The Boom That Says Goodbye to The Market

Mobile Bankinter sound to someone? If someone has thought that it is the name of the mobile Bank app is wrong. And is that we are talking of a mobile virtual network operator with many solera, born there by 2008, but which had gone without news already two years.

And it is that the OMV, which in its early days was managed by KPN but then passed into the hands of Orange, after this long period of silence and outdated rates will say goodbye at the end of month. Your customers are already being warned This circumstance, and that will go directly to another virtual of the French, Simyo.

Ended the adventure of Bankinter on the mobile telephony market. Anyone you should wonder, because since August 2013 we have no news of them, which made clear that the Bank did not have much interest in your business. Actually customers of Bankinter mobile managed them since Orange, which will remain with this MVNO customers.

New SIM and new rates

The closure of the virtual is intended for this same July 31, so its users are being warned of the changes that will be perceived. The first thing is that you will receive a new SIM card Simyo, who will replace to the currently used and how new the virtual customers will receive 10 Euro discount on invoice.

Finally, the issue that most concerned the OMV of bank customers will be occurring with their rates. The answer is that it will not remain conditions which had up to now, but They resituarán in Simyo rate closest to which they had, that will result in savings, taking into account the conditions of the Bankinter mobile rates. And of course, to who likes not the change you can change operator unimpeded.

A new victim among the OMVs

There are many companies that have tried to gain foothold in the mobile phone, many of them also supported by KPN from other sectors. So they came and left this market Vueling, XL mobile, mobile 40 (on two occasions)… but There have also been frustrated releases, as the four, OMV announced and never to see the light.

It seems that they are not good times for this type of business, although still there who ventures to enter this market. The truth is that of the almost 8.5 million mobile lines of virtual nearly half belonged to ONO and Jazztel, acquired by Vodafone and Orange respectively.