MASMOV! L Want to Close in August Its Agreement with Orange to Gain Access to The Surplus of Jazztel

The market of telecommunications in Spain is quite revolutionized. After the purchase of ONO by Vodafone, came Jazztel’s Orange and makes nothing the R by Euskaltel. In the middle of everything, the new Orange-Jazztel spare a large network of ADSL and a more reduced fiber, that have forced them to rent and sell respectively from Europe.

Since that point met to approve the purchase, we much talked about who might be the third operator who stay with the leftovers of Jazztel. Following the withdrawal of Yoigo, all aimed at MÁSMOVIL and seems to be so finally. Its CEO has been convinced that in August will be able to close the deal with the French, with the objective of becoming the fourth operator of the country.

While little more than one year ago in Spain had five large converged operators to choose, now options have been reduced to three, with other actors in smaller with a more limited coverage. But soon We could see how a virtual take force and becomes the fourth in liza, Thanks to ADSL and fiber of Jazztel.

While Telstra gave up done with these “leftovers” with the argument that this network was mostly ADSL, MASMOV! L has continued, to the point of ensuring that they expect to be able to close the deal with Orange next month of August. Thus the virtual would jump to an upper League, after already having a network of fiber in Aragon and license to build its 4G network, enterprise service-oriented.

The regulation of fiber earrings

But in addition to the leftovers of Jazztel, there is another point pending close that it can also help to change the market. It is the regulation of wholesale access to the fiber of Movistar. Currently its rivals can access it, but they can only offer connections of up to 30 megs, who has left its rivals launched offers that use the fiber of Movistar network.

Last December the CNMC threw the stone, proposing that network now opened without speed throughout the limits, except for populations with high competence in fibre, a very small number of time networks. But we have little more known of this new regulation, which MÁSMOVIL is also pending. That new rule, linked to the possible access to the surplus of Jazztel could help create a new strong operator, whether the virtual yellow or any other.