MASMOV! L Launches The Bonus Relaxation, 200 Megabytes Extra and Speed Reduced by Two Euros

They are many, not to say the most, the virtual having a great paste for many users, the the excess of data collection. Fear to go from megs and have to pay a fortune for those megs more, makes that they choose an operator that offers reduced speed, by very low to be a number of users.

Why some virtual operators offer the possibility of opt for the reduced speed, in Exchange for an additional fee. That is the case of MASMOV! L, which offers reduced 1.21 euros a month and now launches a new offer, consisting of 200 megabytes extra in addition to reduction for two euros per month.

MASMOV! L every day looks more like a large operator. Since that joined Ibercom they have bought several companies, making small fixed and mobile networks and even so-called VoIP services, and they have even dared to include in its offer the possibility of financing the purchase of smartphones, even if conditions are not exactly attractive.

And the new step that gives the virtual now will also in the path of seeming increasingly to their larger competitors. The new Relax bonus extra offers 200 megabytes for two euros a month, some conditions more like normalitos, but also includes the reduction of speed, 16 Kbps to have reached 50% of the MB included in the rate more Relax bonus.

It is not a bad idea this MASMOV! L the price goes in tune with seen on other operators, although there are better offers, but What seems very few are those 16 kbps that speed is reduced. Many know that the WhatsApp will work with her little more than single.