MASMOV! L Finally Achieved an Agreement with Orange to Offer 4G Customers

Finally you can tell. Once the CNMC give reason to the operator, MASMOV! L has just announced that it is incorporated to the Select Group of virtual mobile operators, so far composed Jazztel, Pepephone and Tuenti, It cannot provide 4 G customers.

The announcement comes after in early May the regulator decided to take action in the matter. MASMOV! L, along with other virtual, had been months claiming its right to access the 4 G network operator providing them coverage, to what the CNMC forced Orange in this case to submit a wholesale offer to the virtual, that has now been accepted.

In a statement to the alternative stock market, where quotes MASMOV! L since it fusionase with Ibercom, the virtual announced the news. The agreement reached with Orange It will allow them to offer its customers 4 G at “competitive prices”, After getting wholesale access to the network of the French with “reasonable conditions”.

Really MASMOV! L already had a network 4G own, since at the end of last year to acquire Neo. The problem of this network is that it works in the band of the 3.5 GHz, for what it is intended to provide broadband services to companies or individuals to replace fixed connections, not to connect a mobile phone.

A fee to replace ADSL in sight

Perhaps the most interesting point of the statement, in the absence of knowing the details of the 4G will come to the virtual, is that it refers to the intention of the operator’s “to offer high speed internet, both for fixed to mobile broadband broadband”, so we can expect a product in the style of the large operators, seeking to replace fixed connections using 4G.

Therefore, we were to the expectation to know all the integration process of the 4G in a new virtual. On this occasion It is expected that changes in SIM card is not necessary, as neither did lack in Tuenti, so customers of MASMOV! L will not have big problems to receive this new network on your mobile.