“Maintain Simplicity in Our Proposal Is Critical.” Interview with Alberto Galaso, Director of Lowi

The short-lived Lowi is study. The second Vodafone brand was born with a very simple but at the same time differentiating bet: you choose the data that you want to have your rate (from a giga) and If too many you megabytes you accumulate them for the coming month. Simple, but no one had thought you or no one had dared to make a bet similar, so beneficial for many clients.

And of course that bet that is working. According to data portability, Lowi has achieved more than 65,000 mobile lines in this way in little more than half a year. What will they do from this brand to maintain that pace? There will news be in the coming months in the form of new bets? To answer these questions We chatted with Alberto Galaso, director of Lowi.

Engadget Mobile: With a very simple but at the same time flexible offer in the appearance data Lowi has managed between virtual to more customers wins for portability, with how many clients have today?

Alberto Galaso: I am afraid that we may not share business data, but we are very pleased with the reception that is taking Lowi.es. Especially because it was a risky bet for being very different from that of the rest of the operators, for example the point of simplicity that you mention is very relevant: who would gamble a year ago by a new virtual operator that has only a single rate?

Engadget Mobile: View the good reception of Lowi in Spain are there plans to expand to other countries?

Alberto Galaso: No. At the moment Lowi is a local proposal.

Engadget Mobile: Your success seems coming in part by offering the possibility of accumulating the megs not consumed do not you surprised that your rivals have not copied you that good strategy?

Alberto Galaso: The fact that customers can accumulate the MB a month for the next is indeed differential and highly appreciated by our customers. Personally the strategy copy does not seem the most successful, the competition is moving in all directions looking for each your hollow. Outside Spain Yes there have been some virtual player launched after us proposals similar to ours.

Engadget Mobile: Operators which offer the possibility of combining different data with minute bonds bonds seem to be reaping good results, it will try Lowi minutes bonds?

There will be no minutes short term bonds

Alberto Galaso: For we maintain that simplicity in our proposal is essential and we believe that it is one of the main reasons for the success of Lowi.

Engadget Mobile: Your only fee part of a giga for six euros a month, but are a few users to which a giga gets them large, is there a more suitable rate for this type of users?

Alberto Galaso: We found that the use of data of our customers is higher than expected and growing, so that in March we opened the possibility of hiring up to 5 GB. We believe that the evolution of internet applications in mobility going in that direction and not in the opposite.

Engadget Mobile: Insurance that ask you it every day, when reach the 4G Lowi?

Alberto Galaso: It is a good question for which we have no answer. What you can say is that our 3 G + is very fast and we have been improving it, we have speeds of 15Mbps and can be up to 30 Mbps. In fact there are customers who come to Lowi.es from other virtual operators with 4G and we have that now with Lowi.es going faster. There is no date for the arrival of the 4G to Lowi

Engadget Mobile: Convergence is also succeeding among many users, who see together mobile and ADSL or fiber savings or advantage will offer convergent in Lowi there someday?

Alberto Galaso: At the moment we are focusing on mobile, where we are showing that there is opportunity to grow by doing things differently. In addition to carry only 10 months on the market, it is early to talk about that future.

Engadget Mobile: Wants to make Lowi can opt for their own website or go to a Media Markt, expected that distribution in physical stores to grow in the future?

Alberto Galaso: Our model is fundamentally digital, in addition we are very happy having to Media Markt as a partner, at the moment our plans in terms of physical distribution go through continue to grow with them.

There will be a large catalogue of smartphones, but nothing of payment by instalments

Engadget Mobile: Your bet has always been the rate, but many users when they change operator also want to change your mobile but your current catalog is relatively small, there are forecast to expand it?

Alberto Galaso: Yes we want to renew our catalogue of terminals, but always keeping our premise of simplicity.

Engadget Mobile: Many users prefer to pay your new phone in installments would be introduced this possibility in Lowi?

Alberto Galaso: We don’t have a relevant for this type of service demand, but as in everything, we will watch if this trend changes.

And so far our interview with Alberto Galaso, director of Lowi. From here we can only Thank you for time who has dedicated to respond to our questions.