Jewelery with a Personal Touch: Bracelet with Gilded Name

Today, it becomes personal, very personal. For I have here a jewel for you that will come very near you. It even knows yours Name. Today it is all about personalizable jewelery and I’m just like this great name bracelet by schmuckado in the eye. Why exactly? Well, first of all, jewelery with a personal touch is always special. And if a piece of jewelery is still chick and klashty like this bracelet, it has the makings of becoming a long-time and loyal companion.Jewelery with a Personal Touch: Bracelet with Gilded Name 1

The ideal gift: name bracelet

Here you have the possibility to become creative yourself.Share this personalized bracelet on the or make yourself a joy.In the center are gilded letters, in total it can be up to 12 characters.And for longer names there is also a solution, after all, everyone has a nickname.Or you just insert a short message instead of a name.Many a message that only the recipient (and her of course) himself understands.The bracelet is a great alternative to the name chain and certainly not as common as this necklace.The name or the message is enclosed by a slightly curved frame, which additionally sets the lettering in the scene.Jewelery with a Personal Touch: Bracelet with Gilded Name 2

Features of this name bracelet

The bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver, which has been gilded and polished to a high gloss.Since it is nickelfrei, allergic people can adorn themselves with it.A small snap hook ensures that the bracelet always sits firmly on your wrist.Or on the wrist of your best friend, your champion, cousin, dear colleague, etc. For such a name bracelet is always a very special gift.Egal, on what occasion.

With what name or message would you decorate this bracelet?Jewelery with a Personal Touch: Bracelet with Gilded Name 3