Jazztel Will Also Have Football, Although The Champions League and Europa League Will Remain Outside

We thought that now all operators had announced their offerings so fans don’t miss or a single match this season, but it was not. Despite having been acquired by Orange, Jazztel at the moment still a stand-alone offering, as evidenced by his television offer.

Operator customers will also have access to football, although at first glance the Jazztel conditions are not the best. His only offer includes Canal + Liga, which limits access to certain parties and competitions, by 18.15 euros per month, although the minimum to see your offer price is not so high.

Offers access to football this season have nothing to do with in previous seasons, mostly with the price war that Vodafone and Orange have been opened. But the Jazztel offer distance of these two operators, as only offers Canal + Liga (eight matches per day of La Liga and Copa del Rey) and by 18.15 euros per month.

An acceptable total price

Therefore, Jazztel It has a major lack, the Champions League and the Europa League, In addition to a League and Copa del Rey match per day. But the truth is that if we include everything you need to access the football in the different operators, the Jazztel offer will lack some things, but it is not expensive.

Being necessary to hire ADSL and fixed minimum, users of Jazztel would pay a minimum of 54.38 euro a month, including this sum ADSL, fixed, mobile with 200 minutes and 1.1 gigabytes and Canal + Liga. After the first year of offer (and stay) the offer of the operator would rise 6.05 euros a month, until the 60.43 euros per month.

And say that offer is not too bad, since the most economical combination of Orange (so far the cheapest) is EUR 53.90 per month, including elders on the Jazztel offer the party League and Copa del Rey, which broadcasts exclusive Canal + great game. Conclusion: Jazztel may be an option for fans, although some content missing.