Jazztel Renews Full Fares for Additional Mobile Lines, Now at The Height

There are many users who have been attracted by the Jazztel combined prices. Without a doubt is one of the companies most advertise in the media, and your offers, with free smartphones including or packs of smartphones and tablets at low price, they have always called attention.

But the truth is that the offer of this operator had a major snag, additional mobile lines. They weren’t anything competitive, either in price or in features, but it seems that Jazztel has finally been aware of this. For this reason the operator have finished with the rates above, introducing four new options, at the height of the rivals.

Orange hand begins to notice in Jazztel. One of the operators that we gave less that call rates in what it concerns, had long since they were not updated, just renewed its fares for additional mobile lines, and at first glance you are going to see how the influence of the French.

Jazztel rates so far enough left to be desired, on the one hand by their prices and on the other, because they only gave up a gig of data. This operator customers now have a basic option with payment per minute, where we We are a “no surprise”, call to 20 cents, something we have already seen in other operators.

On the other hand the following rate equals the included in the basic package, with 200 minutes and 1.1 gigabytes for 11.95 euros. And after she tariffs with unlimited calls, with two gigabytes for 23.95-borne euros or four gigabytes 33.95 euros, will, 10 euros of difference by two more gigs, an interesting price.

Also note the hand of Orange in another aspect, the excess of data. So far Jazztel default reduced to 64 kbps connection overcome the megas included in their rates, giving a choice also different bonus extra. Now it turns over. Default is activated the payment of excess stretches 100 Megs a euro, Although you can opt for the reduced to only 16 kbps speed.