Jazztel Fiber Comes Already to More Millions of Households of Four, Will Close The Year with Five Million

These are new times for Jazztel. At the end of last month, we met the final step for sale Orange, the acceptance of which they had been submitted to the shareholders. And since then We have already seen the first effect of this transaction, the necessary improvement of the rates for additional mobile lines.

And some believed today that fiber speed would increase from the current megs symmetrical 200 to 350 megs, but it seems that that is not yet in the plans in the short term of the operator. What is in those plans in the short, is continue with the deployment of fiber planned by the independent Jazztel, It already reaches four million homes and will reach five million from that closes the year.

Despite having lived in the boom of cheap ADSL, Jazztel was able to see the future in time than fiber. In this way was to deploy fiber before opponents of higher authority, such as Orange and Vodafone, and this has led him to have the second largest deployment in the country, only after the Movistar.

The reason for the purchase by Orange

Jazztel has just announced that its fiber can already be contracted from 4.015.658 homes, waiting for you to fulfill your purpose to reach the round figure of five million by the end of the year. Ahead would therefore to Movistar, which now exceeds 10 million and could end the year between 13 and 15 million.

In the case of Vodafone We could clarify that ONO network is not completely of fiber, since it uses coaxial cable part of it. Also, thanks to the purchase of the Millicom, the Red operator can compete with rivals fiber, offering connections up to 300 MB to more than eight million households and with plans underway for provinces without coverage of ONO.

Wholesale access to the fiber of Movistar is still pending review

On the other hand, Orange was the operator who was left in this fiber to lag behind. Its fiber network, shared with Vodafone, barely passes the million households in coverage, main reason for have been made with Jazztel. Also, both Orange Addend Jazztel fiber, as Vodafone, missing much to achieve coverage of Movistar, but recall that the standard that allows these operators to make use of the ex-monopolio fiber network is pending review.