ION Mobile Is Passed to The Flexibility with 35 New Rate Combinations Possible

While we see how the traditional operators focus on converged offerings, to the OMVs they have fight for those interested in mobile lines without the internet at home, that they cannot find your site between bids for second existing lines next to the convergent and for those who prefer prepaid. All of them, have available a huge range of rates not to multiply since the OMVs opted for the flexibility to allow you to create a rate almost a half for every need.

First it was MÁSMOVIL but also followed Simyo mobile Republic, SUOP, CSF or Lebara and now also, ION mobile that will renew their old catalogue of rates full to offer starting from the on August 3 a new offer It allows to combine five calls bonds with other 7 bonuses for internet Mobile.

A total of 35 new rates that improve or even previous versions still in force which will continue to be active for those who already have them contracted while new customers will only have access to the new rates we know today. But in addition to variety, little can be noted of the combinations of ION mobile Since most rates are improved Oceans in the majority of cases but also by mobile Republic or Eroski for lower data, MÁSMOVIL consumption the more you speak or Telstra few need more data.

Stand out from the peculiarities of ION which, as it also provides Simyo, allows you to buy a bond of 500 minutes for call other mobile ION by 3.60 euros and it is of the few OMVs ending once the bonus data, reduces speed but on this occasion it does not forever if not in the best of cases, when you take 1 GB browsing to 32 Kbps, data service shuts off until the following month.

So is the complete range of rates ION mobile