In The Absence of Soccer, Euskaltel Offers Its Clients Canal + Series and Canal + Releases

A few days starts the Liga, television operators offering has already received their ration of soccer channels, except in cases of Euskaltel and R. Millicom Basque and its newly acquired not this season will offer customers the channels that emit neither national nor international competitions, According to them by the change that has taken place in the access rights.

Having waived or refused access to football, to remember now the operators have to pay part of the rights to more Movistar a fixed by every customer who hire him, Euskaltel has decided to offer its customers by offering wholesalers the ex-monopolio the Canal + Series and Canal + releases.

With football bids already submitted, although to waiting to know if Movistar customers can finally see the Champions League and Europa League, the shift is now for those few operators that have been “out of play”. In this case we speak of Euskaltel, who after years offering Canal + Liga this year will not offer to its customers the possibility of hiring the channels that emit the most relevant competitions.

In Exchange for soccer, Euskaltel offers its customers to go to the movies and series. Hand users can hire Canal + Estrenos, with extensive programming of films, for 7.95 euros per month, while for the seriefilos the Millicom offers Canal + Series (which broadcasts among other game of thrones, House of Cards, or True Detective) for 4.95 euros per month.

The danger of not offer football

For Euskaltel the fact of not having football this season It may be a major handicap, but half. The best offer from Vodafone, which includes all the football for six euros per month, is only available to customers fiber, type of network that the operator has just deployed yet in the Basque country.

Movistar may be a threat, it is the only operator that has a coverage of fiber from consideration in the Basque country as well as Euskaltel, but his offer is rather expensive and incomplete. For this reason Perhaps the greatest threat is Orange. His offer, 9.95 euros a month for League and cup of the King and five euro more per Champions and Europa League, is accessible by any client ADSL.

With all the offers and prices on the table, now only It is waiting to see if the absence of soccer this season in Euskaltel has its effects. It can be that it depends also on the situation of the Basque teams, of how far can get Athletic in the Europa League (rendered entirely by Bein Sports), but reflect what we can see in mobile portability data.