Huawei Is Surging Forward: 100 million. Selling smartphones in 2015

Things are going amazing for the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, which now rounds the magic number: 100 million. selling smartphones this year alone.

The Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and telecommunications infrastructure, Huawei, which no one could figure out how to pronounce only a few years ago, storming forward. The now third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world rounds now a big milestone.

In a press release the company can thus determine the year’s sales to no less than 100 million. Smartphones worldwide, i.e. over 8 million. packs a month. It will say that there has been an increase of 25% compared to last year, when sales amounted to 75 million. copies.

“The significant growth in the number of units sold is because Huawei has managed make some products, as both in design, technology and price match what the modern consumer demands. Huawei has proven that Chinese technology is more and much other than reproduction, and it has both noticed and rewarded us for consumers, “ says Thor Gøtz, Director of Huawei Consumer BG in Denmark.

Huaweis 2015 portfolio have at these latitudes primarily consisted of model P8 and the subsequent P8 lite, while later in the year came the model Mate’s , and finally cooperation with Google, which threw the Nexus 6 p-top model by itself.

If Huawei has views to sneak up the world’s second largest producer, which ranks it is Apple, which must contend. A comprehensive inventory of the number of smartphones sold in the other manufacturers are not yet available.

A good indication of the distance between the two producers in terms of the number of smartphones sold is therefore analysis institutions statement of 3. Quarterly sales. Here lashed Huawei 24.6 million. Smartphones over the counter corresponding to a market share of 7.4% among all producers, while there is still a good piece up to Apple with almost a twice as high a market share of 14.5% and thus 48.1 million. sold iPhones in the period.