HTC-Director Promises: We Never Disappear

According to HTC’s Director, Cher Wang, the Taiwanese manufacturer will never withdraw from the smartphone market despite poor sales figures, accounts and death sentences.

HTC has been suffering for several years with declining sales figures, and hence the red numbers in the accounts as well as historically low stocks. It got in november Reuters columnist, Robyn Mak, to give HTC a death sentence within three yearssince delaring simply is about to run out.

The company’s Director, Cher Wang, however, is extremely optimistic. The newspaper Focus Taiwanshe said that HTC will never vanish and will continue to produce smartphones. She believes that there is room for further development in the otherwise saturated market, which, according to her, however, will still see a slight growth next year. Such a development also predicted by IDC analysis Institute.

Column writer, however, is not so optimistic in relation to whether the small producers can survive another year with a loss-making business, while Apple and Samsung render with all profits. 

“While Apple and Samsung unified accounts for the largest share of the global market for high-end smartphones, has some Chinese brands, such as Xiaomi, appealed to first-time buyers. Therefore, the loss-making brands, from HTC for Sony, have to conclude that the race is run, “ says columnist writer.

According to HTC, the Director the company will, however, go well prepared into the new year by launching several flagship models of hitting every single market with different needs that must be. Already now promises Cher Wang revealed that next year’s big news-not surprisingly-will be One M10, which must follow up on this year’s One M9.

HTC got it hard to convince consumers to invest in One M9 after having hyped the top model on a large scale ahead of the launch. When it finally became a reality, was that design is not the big news to come after, and it was hard to keep temperatures in the controversial Snap dragon 810 processor down to an acceptable level.

Next year offers usually also on a new portfolio of smartphones in the mid-range and at the low end, just like virtual reality glasses HTC Vive will be possible to buy from april.

What do you think? Copes with HTC for another year on the smartphone market, or do Cher Wang reluctantly throw in the towel? Give your say in a comment below.