How to Wear Cardigans in Winter

Paris fashion weeks of street style pictures starring were everyday classic jerseys. Forget knittingjeans combo, and a look at how stylish knitted style is born.

How to Wear Cardigans in Winter

1. Connect to knit pleated, midi skirt in a glossy finish. Or dig the closet last pre-Christmas period acquired sequin skirt. Now is the time of year when you can knit all means to combine smooth surface of the lower parts. Do not worry, knitting arkisuus will cut style with maternity knitwear.

2. Try to style knit pants combination in a new way : put a pullover hem pants and wrap around the waist now so fashionable wide belt. However, note these items: Dress up on top of the thin sweater, which fits in trouser waist effortlessly. Select the lower part carrot pants, which together with the belt emphasize hourglass silhouette. Finish the style with graceful heels.

3. Wool knitted dresses rather than wear full protective clothing or woolen, as stylist and fashion influencer Anna Dello Russo . One-colored knitted dress is the easiest everyday wardrobe. The longer hem and straighter the line, the more you create a monochrome outfit impression of length and slimming effect. Also keep in mind: knitted dresses v-neckline is most flattering.

4. Connect wool knitted-like tones. Stick to a maximum of three shades, this outfit is not too variegated.

5. Would you like to boost your knitting style? Connect with light knit spectacular necklace or fold silk neck.

6. Hefty extending the field you knitting might find it difficult to combine pitkälahkeisiin pants, sweaters instead works wonderfully with failure scale culottes pants or a mini skirt.Please note this: if you want to combine pullover short mini skirt, choose a model instead of a direct-line mini skirt.

7. Layer Dress. Dress up on top of a thinner knit cardigan.

8. Connect with your everyday knitting dashing little bag. This is now the hottest rage, as you can see the street style photos.

Sound good? We gathered under its own knitted favorite.