Hits Mobile Wants War Also in More Data Rates: Two Gigabytes for 9.90 Euros

The war of the giga. That is the name that we have given on more than one occasion to the constant fight in which are immersed virtual mobile operators, the have giga price cheaper. But aware of a giga already falls short for many users, the operators are beginning to move the sand to more gigs.

In this way MÁSMOVIL boasts the most economic price for a fee of two gigabytes, 9.90 euros per month, honor that will now have to share with another operator. Hits mobile, with whom he also competes for the price of giga, the operator launched a rate with the same conditions as the rival, although in his case it is the price is promotional.

Hits mobile had been offering users of contract a giga by 4.90 euros or three gigas by 17.90 euros, always charging excess data to 3.63 cents for mega. Therefore, that there was a gap filled between these two rates, is now covered with the rate of two gigabytes for 9.90 euros per month.

Differences between rates of both operators

Differences with MASMOV! L start at the final price, since tflush the first three months the rate of hits mobile upload to 11.90 euros. Calls in both cases have the same cost, 0 cents per minute five cents early every call and 3.63 minutes later, more relevant establishment of 18.15 cents.

The other difference between both options, in addition to the coverage (of Orange in MASMOV! L and hits mobile Vodafone), is in the options that are offered after having consumed all the data rate. While Only hits Mobile allows you to sail at full speed in Exchange for 3.63 cents per mega, at MASMOV! L in addition to that option can also hire a bond offering for two euros 200 MB additional and further speed reduction.

It should be recalled also that the options of both brands are only for contract. In the case of MASMOV! L the bonus prepaid larger size offers a giga for nine euros, while hits Mobile also offers two gigabytes, but at 14.90 euros a month, reduced to 12.90 euros a month until October 31.