Flavored Pillow Helps You Sleep Better

Flavored pillows are an excellent solution for those who have trouble falling asleep or can not sleep through the night. These pillows can be made from herbs such as Melissa, Lavender, Macela or Lavender, which have relaxing properties and relieve excess stress, allowing you to have a calmer night.

Pillows can be used at any age, including infants, only if you must be careful about your height, as you should consider whether the person sleeps on their belly up, down or sideways.

How To Make A Flavored Pillow

The aromatized pillow can be easily made at home by using a normal bed pillow according to jolietcheckout.

Materials needed

1 pillow with pillowcase

1 sachet

½ cup dried Melissa, Lavender, Macela or Lavender


How to ride

Place your herb preferably inside the sachet and close using a piece of yarn. Then place the pillowcase on the pillow and insert the sachet into the space between the pillowcase and the pillow, leaning against one of the corners of the pillowcase.

At bedtime, place your head in the center of the pillow and turn your nose to the side of the sachet, preferably.

Another option is to place 2 drops of the essential oil from one of the previously mentioned soothing herbs on the pillowcase. However, it is necessary to repeat the process each time you change pillowcases.

What To Do For The Pillow Last Longer

To keep the smell of the pillow longer it is very important to remove the sachet whenever it is necessary to wash the pillowcase or pillow by storing it inside a closed box.

Each pillow has an indefinite shelf life but must be changed when they stop releasing any fragrance.

Why The Flavored Pillow Works

The automatized pillow works through the principles of aromatherapy, a branch of herbal medicine that uses various aromas and scents to achieve various goals, such as relief from coughing, improvement of symptoms of depression or combat of cigarette use.

In this case, the aromas of soothing herbs, such as Melissa or Lavender, help the muscles to relax and, therefore, it becomes easier to fall asleep.


Make The Most Of Your Sleep This Weekend

Make The Most Of Your Sleep This Weekend

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