Five Free Euros for Bringing Friends to MáSmovil or Simyo

We have spent years seeing as usually promotions that benefit users are released which bring their friends to an operator as we have seen with Movistar and Orange but it seems that the MVNO’s do not want to miss this option which can be much more effective than any other kind of advertising.

In this occasion, Simyo, Másmovil have agree on the “ award ” who get customers who recommend an operator as customers who to act on the recommendation of friends since in both cases, the users will receive 5 euros for free consumption for each friend you bring.

For access this promotion, customers of More mobile will just have to phone number Másmovil of his friend as a reference when applying for portability or high while that future customers of Simyo they will have to sign up through the link Simyo friend will send you by mail to get personal.

All of this leads me to think that if the operators “ low cost ” have such low rates and yet they can afford to give balance, what will be the margin that are big in their rates to resell as inexpensive small operators? You can offer the traditional “ more and better ” services but if already sold cheaply to the OMV, why not sell cheap to their customers?