Euskaltel Also Raises The Establishment of Call, But Until The 24 Cents

The establishment of call It seemed to stay is the 18 cents for a long time. In fact, in that price has been established in the majority of operators, since in 2007 they decided to upload it from the previous 12 cents plus tax to make up the billing for calls seconds.

But it has time to climb that canon is charged us nothing more handset lifter. The three big operators have already done so at different rates, and it seems that they will not be the only ones to get that concept. It is now Euskaltel who It is warning customers of a rise of the establishment, but not 20 cents, 24.

These are not good times for mobile phone users. After years of steady declines, already are several operators that they have raised prices this year, with the excuse of offering more services. Like others many times, the first to take the step was Movistar, the first renewal rates, and followed by more direct competitors, Vodafone and Orange.

From August

But if anyone thought that these would be the only operators raise prices they were wrong. Euskaltel is communicating in the last invoice their customers that the establishment of call and SMS Board price to starting from the month of August, in both cases until the 24 cents. The rise affect full rate customers prepaid as the rates with payment per minute for contract.

Surprised that the Basque company go further than other operators, to climb to 24 cents the establishment of call. A movement so only can be understood within a strategy for push users to rates with included minutes. In fact Euskaltel eliminated its offer its pay-per-minute rate star, the SIMple, and in recent times has focused its efforts on tariffs with unlimited calls.