Eroski Mobile Promotion: 9 Cent/Min without Establishment

And not only calls to 9 cents per minute call set-up free if not that everything is half price during the period the balance refilled before February 25 so you can send SMS for 5 cents or call from 7.5 cents per minute if still preserves the first promotional rate of Eroski.

With the promotion of mobile Eroski, all the top-ups made from the web, calling attention to the customer, since an Eroski Center or any other available method It’s not from a cashier, they will be duplicated almost instantly.

The promotion is valid for all prepaid customers (new and existing) and does not any type of limit by which you can recharge the amount desired in tranches of between 5 and 50 euros for recharging and all the times that you want from a Center Eroski (if you do it by phone or web, the maximum charge permitted by this service (not for promotion) is 50 euros/month).

Remember that Eroski Mobile works under Vodafone coverage, does not require any minimum consumption with their rates and even though the balance expires to 180, the period is renewed each time you recharge. Customers of contract stay out of this promotion but from Eroski, they report that they are working to provide them with something coming soon.

It seems that the OMV they are betting strong to have a gap in the Spanish market saturated and it is that options such as the mobile Eroski without establishment, Pepephone with free flights and 6 cents/minute, Bakinter with free consumption at the followers of any operator or Simyo with calls to 0 cents per minute among customers, are giving much to talk about between certain market niches.