Ear-Jacket Earrings As a New It-Piece

Currently, they are on everyone’s mind – ear jackets. Whether in silver, gold, pearls or precious stones – ear jackets are the new It-Piece in terms of ear jewelery. I’ll show you in my blog today what ear jackets are and we can style them.

What are Ear Jackets?

The word Ear-Jacket meets you everywhere – but what are these ear jackets?;)

An ear jacket is basically a ear plug consisting of two components: a small plug sirekt in the ear hole and a more conspicuous piece, which bends its bend along the earlobe.The designs can be very different in design:From simple to extravagant designs with, for example, spikes;)

Styling tip for ear jackets

According to mustownjewelry.com, in contrast to XXL earrings or single earings, the ear jackets are a rather simple trend.The ear plugs can be combined very well and worn both in the everyday as well as in the office.

If you want to put your ear jackets on something, you should either tie your hair to the high braid or Dutt. It will look cool when you are combing one side of your hair behind your ear so that an Ear Jacket can flash out.

How do you like the Ear Jacket?