Digital + Mobile Free for New Customers in Mobile Internet Movistar

If Vodafone in April included the music download free for users of the internet on your mobile without additional cost and Movistar yesterday reported which will include free of charge users of its renovated internet mobile rates, mail push (in real time) now we learn of another free benefit for Movistar clients.

The new high in the operator from the next June 1 that hire one of the rates for mobile internet can enjoy free digital + mobile for 1 year to be able to see the 21 available channels without any limitation Since the traffic generated by this service does not count towards the limit of the internet rates.

Current clients of the operator will see Digital + Mobile as usual but paying 5 euros/month additional to the tariff of internet.

It seems that Movistar and Vodafone are not willing to lower the price of their current services of Internet on your mobile (which by the way, have a very similar cost) if not that seem to want to compete by strengthening these services with free additives. To see how complete bids from two large operators are, let’s compare them:

  • Movistar: Unlimited traffic for 10 or 15 euros + free push mail + music without limits for 6 euros + Mobile for 5 euros or free TV for the new. In total between 21 and 26 euros/month.
  • Vodafone: Unlimited traffic for 9 or 12 euros + email push for 6 euros + free unlimited music + mobile TV for 6 euros. In total between 21 and 24 euros/month.

As we can see, those interested in hiring the entire package will pay virtually the same in the two mobile operators, but as needs change depending on the user and it is very likely not wanting the entire package, each must be carried out that it most benefits.