Decorating Tips: Save Up to 70% of Energy with LED Lighting

A good architectural design, must be concerned with the ambient lighting to design. The use of quality products is essential for those seeking pleasant environments, that balance the incidence of light with the available space.

In periods of constant high energy rates, it is essential to pay attention to lighting and environments form a lighting project – that can bring savings of up to 70% on electric energy, aiming at intelligent consumption, by using natural lighting and other factors to your favor.

According to the architects Erika Fukunishi and Thalita Miyawaki, the EFTM Architecture, the most effective solution to this case is the use of LED lamps, that in addition to bringing great savings are not harmful to nature.

According to, LED lamps can be installed normally on the ceiling or lining, and also on walls, stairs, carpentry, internal or external areas. “There are various possibilities of use. The most common and versatile applications can be light bulbs candle format, format mini ball, globe, and LED strips replacing incandescent bulbs conventional. “reflective

In addition to versatility and economy possibility for LED light bulbs, they have much greater shelf life compared to other types of lamp, and require very little maintenance. According to the Lighting lab at Unicamp, the exchange occurs, on average, after 50000 hours of use.

The architects also point the benefits into routine, as the snapshot drive lamps at low temperatures and the fact that light/delete doesn’t affect the lifespan of the LED lamps, as occurs in halogen and incandescent.

Another factor is “the possibility of applying the LED as a decoration, creating scenarios and highlighting ornaments. In museums, for example, where ultraviolet radiation damages pieces like paintings and works of art, the LED came to finish with this problem and illuminate what is worth highlighting.

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Energy-efficient products

Energy-efficient products