Carrefour Mobile Even The Cheapest Price of Giga, But Is Passed to The Charge for Excess

In recent times Carrefour mobile He has presented few new features. The renewal of their mobile Internet tariffs, now with the same price in prepaid and contract, and the lowering of your prepayment bonus have been the latest news. But if we talk about rates of contract for voice and data, the latest dating back to August of last year.

And again it has been a summer month chosen by the virtual supermarkets to present news. With rates in minutes and megs in the line of the market, time is now for the rate per minute. This rate It points to the zero cents per minute and the war of the giga, but is passed to the collection by data excess.

Carrefour mobile was one of those few operators who still had between its offer a fare with calls to zero cents, but that gap is already covered. The savings rate, which offered a penny and a giga calls for 8.35 euros a month, It is reconverted into more savings rate, with two changes to best and one worse.

1 GB / 4.90 euros per month

The former cent per minute now the first five minutes of each call will come to zero, keeping the penny from the minute six and the establishment at 18 cents. The important reduction comes by his fee, which goes from 8.35 to 4.90 euros per month, keeping a giga. But in Exchange for that saving is introduced payment by the excess of megas, before it reduced to 128 kbps, at a rate of 3.63 cents per mega extra.

With these modifications Carrefour mobile falls squarely in the war of the giga, indeed match the best price, the 4.90 euros of Hits Mobile. Both options have the drawback of having to pay for the excess of data, being giga speed reduction with cheaper the CSF for five euros.

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