Can You Fish Without a Fishing Licence in Germany?

When I moved 12 years ago as a golf coach from London to Berlin, I had not the faintest idea what for a fishing paradise I was landed here. Young and messy I was once busy establishing my life here. At some point, of course, after I had me well settled and also first firmer acquaintances, I met a keen anglers. He told me that he regularly drew Pike, carp and Pike-perch ashore when he went at the weekend on the water.

was completely thrilled that there should be so many opportunities for fishing in a big city such as Berlin and felt just did: “I get soon here! When do we go? “, I asked him. But rather than share my enthusiasm, my buddy brought back me relatively humorless when with them in the German reality: ‘boy, you’re first your fishing license. Before you not fish, with

black fishing is not to be trifled with!” A licence for fishing? Made the type of jokes? In my home country of Zimbabwe, it is inconceivable that you need a license to fish or to the driving of a motor boat. If you have a fishing pole, fishing, and who has a boat, driving boat. I couldn’t believe it at first, but he seemed to mean it seriously. I had to inform me so only once extensively.

This summary is aimed mainly at beginners, holiday anglers and drawn to, because they sooner or later have to deal with this topic.

Generally two licenses are necessary for legal fishing in Germany according to information on CalabasasShopping:

1. Fishing licence

Usually, the fishing licence (permit) is acquired by a successfully retrieving fishing inspection and a subsequent visit to the local fisheries Office for the issue of fishing licences. It is not absolutely necessary to do the test in the State in which it is registered. You may make, if necessary, the benefit, if you want to bypass a preparation course, which is mandatory in many federal States, to save time and money. In Brandenburg, for example, you can learn with online exam questions and exam simulations and then just go to the test (for example, in Potsdam, examination fee is €25). Then you will you in the fisheries Office of the place where it is logged off the fishing licence that (E.g. Berlin, costs for the issue of fishing licences (A) for 5 years currently stands at €27) and pay the annual incidental fisheries poor there as well (something like the annual “Angel tax”, is in Berlin €21).

2. Import licence

The import licence, permit, also called is waters specific and temporary. Fishing permits can be purchased in fishing clubs, fishing shops and other outlets for certain waters. Who is corrected on a body of water, to issue permits, can be found as a rule very quickly out. You can find a good overview of the Berlin water, the respective permits and it costs E.g. on Angeljoe’s blog, all listed fishing permits are available from the guys in the shop. You can read then also the water regulations on the fishing permits. There are however also waters where no permit is necessary. In Hamburg on the river Elbe, for example the fishing licence sufficient already to the fishing permission.

Summarized so make an angler checking (once), can thus set out the fishing licence, makes a fishing fee (annually) and buys then temporary and specific waters fishing permits. Nothing in the way is the legal fishing after the completion of these steps.

Is it possible to fish without dropping a check (if necessary plus course) for legally in Germany?

Some people is pursued his passion for fishing for many years abroad or at least in holiday, it could determine that fishing can be great fun. Mostly good, so someone can estimate whether it is worth for him to make the fishing licence. There are also many curious people who had yet no opportunity to become active in the water. Due to the legal situation in Germany a “trial and error” is not so easy – there are ways, however:

1 Coarse

No angler check is necessary to coarse fishing in Brandenburg. For the fishing licence you must pay only the annual fisheries output. Who is not so set on predatory fish, has the opportunity to experience fishing without fishing there. It must just fisheries issue made and purchased the right permit for the water – you’re ready to go.

  1. Trout Pond

In Baden-Wuerttemberg and Saxony, fishing without a fishing licence in managed ponds not by law is prohibited. It is these States therefore some “trout puffs”, where you can definitely try fishing.  That you can find there directly to the wide passion for fishing, I can not imagine, for the real nature and associated uncertainty just irritates me fishing too. There, however, you have the opportunity to experience the feeling of a bite and drills at least once without question.

  1. temporary fishing licenses

There are temporary fishing licenses, which include no Angel checking in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (tourist fishing licence), Schleswig-Holstein (leisure fishing license) and Thuringia (quarterly fishing licence). However, it must be noted that not all fishing permits with temporary fishing licenses can be purchased. You can find conditions and cost per click on the respective license.

I would recommend to try out beginners and sporadic holiday fishermen especially Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. There is much there really fabulous fish and who want to try it first with a guide, I can put there some excellent guys on the heart which with René Berndt, Norman Tramnitz, Mario Prey, David Hager master and Fred Kotowski, that I am been traveling themselves have been frequent.

Who has leaked blood, should make in the medium term but his fishing license anyway, in most federal countries, effort and cost for the fun you can have on the water, are reasonable and quite surmountable.

I got one now in Germany: there is a rule for everything and surprisingly they do sometimes sense. A conscious dealing with nature in any case never hurt us.

Until next time, I wish you all appreciate the roles!