As Triple Capture Bait from the Shore

Together with the attachments you have for the day of fishing, the amount of bait and the freshness of the same will determine without a doubt that increase the chances of good catches. I want you to learn a technique that I use much to capture sufficient for my day of fishing bait. It is important to clarify that this method only use it for bait and run it one time by fishery to preserve most of the species in this way. Without more turns to the topic, I’m going to tell you that it is…
I am convinced that as you are at the beginning of the fishing is difficult you quite the fact to be able to get fresh bait, right? Therefore, you want to help that you can function well in this important area. The idea that I want to share with you from ELWOODDEALS is the use a small boat to catch your bait. And that is a CHINCHORRO?, as I explain: it is basically the same as a trammel but of small dimensions, i.e. that the length of the holes is far less, actually designed to bait like sardines, mojarras, or small jurelitos maybe; the same height is 1 m approximately it is to capture near the shore where we believe that there are many sardines and mojarras. The length of the chinchorro may be between about 15 to 20 m.

How do we use? Here it is important to know that it is always vital to have a fishing partner, no doubt one must have a friend, fellow fishing, your brother or your Dad or your uncle, so anyone who you love fishing as well as you to perform many effective techniques, which is that I’m explaining.

The dinghy on the top rope where the mesh is tied up have several buoys, and at the bottom of the same rope possess several weights in the form of cylinder of good weight, with the aim that sticking to the bottom and so bait cannot escape below the chinchorro.

Now I’ll explain the correct way to proceed: you always have to be sure that there are sardines, or bream either because you’ve seen on the surface as they jump or maybe you caught some small hooks; It is important that the site you chose is a beach not too deep, that the waters are much better a little murky and that you recognize that the background is completely sandy, this is very important because it is what will give the fret to make the project successful.

Then you must have a bucket of seawater (logical) setting close to the shore to use to put the sardines or bream that you are capturing to keep them alive, with this ready, your fishing partner must slip into the water and you, each holding one end of the chinchorro, should be introduced at least with water a little above waist then they stretch completely the chinchorro and begin to walk parallel to shore, in order to do a fence to the bream and sardines, you’ll see that many are jumping over the dinghy but most will stay caught in the mesh to the fence go closing and continue sticking to the shore; It is important that the lower part of the chinchorro is well attached to the bottom as you explained above and which managed to capture then go depositing them in the tray that you have in the Bank.

Now you stress and I repeat: this process must be performed only once to capture the bait, you do not destroy the species doing this for hobby, not not, only get the bait and point; If you notice that catches out another small fish that do not serve you for bait please return them to the water again, as well as small crabs or winkles which you have captured. IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WHAT YOU SAY! PRESERVED SPECIES!

Then I leave task that I teach you, I hope you get as soon as possible in practice, there are many old fishermen who know to make great hammocks, consultation with some of your people and will surely guide you. Remember that if you have any questions I am here just to help clarify them and every day you learn more about the art of fishing. Thank you for visiting the website. Leave me your comment.

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