Amena Responds to Yoigo: Unlimited Calling and Seven Gigas for 24.95 USD Per Month

This week was indicated. Telstra had already announced that their myriad rate with unlimited calls and 20 gigabytes for 29 euros, I had expiration date while preparing a new fare that comply more “real consumption” of its customers. And said and done, they launched the worm 8 GB rate, with the same price but with less than half of the traffic.

Taking advantage of that almost shot in the foot of Telstra, the new rate is still the best market but expected at least one small reduction in the price, Amena has decided to respond. The second Orange brand will debut next Monday rate, with unlimited calls and seven gigabytes for 24.95 EUR per month.

The fight between large operators is convergence, but all brands have second marks that fight in the mobile single segment. With pleasant Orange has decided to respond to the last movement of Telstra, with a rate that in Exchange for offering a giga less lowers share of rivals in 4.05 EUR.

There will be those who continue preferring the rate Yoigo by this difference in a giga, but the Amena is more accessible in price, being most appropriate for those who consume between more than two gigabytes and less than seven gigs. At the end the best of these fights between operators is that the biggest benefit is for users, where we choose.

Amena tariffs as well is