11 Current Cosmetics with Retro Packaging for You to Meet

Every year we are bombarded with releases in the world of cosmetics. A big bet to Captivate consumers is the whim in packaging and names of products. Some national and international brands are betting on vintage inspiration with all forces to produce lines with the retro aesthetic. Below are some current cosmetics in addition to being beautiful on the outside are also useful in women’s beauty routine.

1-translucent Powder of line One Heck of a Blot of Soap and Glory: The UK brand Soap and Glory is known for having the majority of its products with the vintage packaging. Colors such as black, pink, white and gray are always present, as well as images of pin-ups in black and white. The translucent powder of line One Heck of a Blot is ideal to finish the makeup, as well as to provide a uniform finish on the skin prevents also the greasiness.

2-body lotion Sunkissed Tint of The Righteous Butter line of Soap and Glory: The body lotion Sunkissed Tint is dedicated to the season of the summer, your refreshing formula is rich in coconut oil and has color that gives Tan the skin effect. The scent of the lotion is a mixture of roses and Frangipani flower tropical origin.

3-body lotion 500 ml of Soap and Glory:This Soap lotion is very suitable for rough skins, your formulation is enriched with cocoa, Shea butter, almonds and other powerful oils that help in the regeneration of the skin. The aroma is sweet and with presence of vanilla, peach and Tangerine.

4-shadow Palette Nude Tude of The Balm:The palette of shades Nude Tude is already well-known among the bloggers and youtubers. With the presence of neutral colors and indispensable for any type of makeup-especially the vintage makeup, the packaging is fun, with names of shadows fun and illustrations of girls with pin-up aesthetic.

5-Palette of lipsticks and blush How ‘Bout Them Apples? of The Balm: The creamy lipsticks and blush palette’s of The Balm is multifunctional and can be used on the lips or cheeks. The packaging of the product very similar to illustrations of pin-ups of Gil Elvgren. Is colorful and has a mirror and can be carried anywhere!

6-Bahama Mama Bronzer from The Balm:The bronzer Bahama Mama is ideal for outlines or even for people who prefer to look Tan makeup. The packaging it has illustration to 1940 and 1950 molds and serves as an example of Tiki style, this aspect that influenced mainly from Hawaii and French Polynesia.

7 – Primer Put a Lid on it of The Balm:Primer intended for around the eyes, Put a Lid on it contains no Parabens, is ideal for sensitive eyes and serves to enhance and increase the durability of products applied in the eye. The box of the primer and the sources used were inspired by the Pop Art of the years 60.

8-Bathina Spray Just Confess You’re Obesessed the Benefit Cosmetics: The Benefit always throws products with retro and romantic air. The body spray not possess alcohol, can be used anywhere in the body (even in her hair) and has a charming rose with detail of a blond pin-up. The fragrance is floral fruity, with notes of peach, plums and white roses.

9-Dr. Feelgood Balm from Benefit Cosmetics:The Balsam Dr. Feelgood comes in a can and retro with the image of a couple from the beginning of the 20 century. The product is intended for skin and lips. Has vitamin A and e, minimizes facial expression lines and provides a restful appearance to the skin.

10-soul flowers Illuminating Lotion:The Soul of flowers is a Brazilian brand quite concerned with the packaging of their products. Illuminating lotion perfume the skin and leaves with a slight glow coming from micro-particles present in the composition.

11-Exfoliating pumice stone Granado Pharmácias: The Gera is a traditional brand and present in the lives of Brazilians for several decades. The Ex foliating pumice stone is intended solely for the feet. Its formulation combat callosity and removes dead cells, giving the foot a soft appearance and more beautiful.