Jun 27

How to Use the LG G Watch

Did you hear now on Android Wear? If not, we can conclude that this is the latest and most promising operating system for wearable electronics. It is even so focused on portable devices, it might be the first fully wearables OS. Few have seen her live, but at least on paper looks like one. Android Wear is a version of android based on Linux and is being developed by the giant Google.Wealth of information on Android Wear can be obtained from our special article.

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Jun 22

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

Those who love the outdoors know that sleeping bag is one of the most important purchases. A shrewd choice can make a big difference between sleep reconciled by nice warmth or spend a night from nightmare due to cold and dampness. In buying the sleeping bag, therefore, it is important to consider some special features. On the market you will find a large quantity of sleeping bags, but we see how to cope. The features of the different sleeping bags differ because obviously the outdoor experience that is meant to do (camping, hiking, boating, snowshoeing, cycling etc., according to PimaSleepingBags). In this guide we will see how to choose the classic sleeping bag for camping.

The first thing to be taken into account, so the sleeping bag is as functional as possible, is the shape. There are two main forms: a mummy (with hood or open) and rectangular; the choice of one or the other is closely linked to the position that we tend to assume during hours of rest.

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May 26

How to Choose the Pearls to Wear

The various strands of pearls

The classic way to wear the pearls is choosing the cd. thread and since my nickname is filodiperle one can easily imagine that I have several, in different lengths and with different beads!

I am for the avoidance of doubt: a string of pearls is always a good idea, it goes on just about everything, gives the look a touch of light, is chic and never goes out of style. It is no coincidence that they choose star of all ages and in different occasions!

First to understand the qualities of a good thread the pearls must be well balanced not only by color and size, but also for the centering of the hole of the bead, which must be perfect.

The strands of pearls can uniform when the beads are more or less the same size with a maximum displacement of medium caliber or there are the wires to climb, i.e. with pearls of different sizes. In this last case the largest pearl is set in the middle and the other going to decrease towards the extremes.

Usually the wires are about 35 or 40cm-model choker or crewneck- and are the most widely used low-cut dresses or stuck.

When a string of pearls is of 60cm is generally called Princesse/Matinee or more easily Chanel. Long strands have returned very fashionable and I find them to be very glam when worn with casual attire, without confining them simply at evening occasions.

My weak are multiple strands of pearls: double, triple or quadruple rooms are irresistible and versatile because they give an elegant allure to outfit, but also much brightness to the decollete especially in winter, when the colors are darker.

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May 25

How to Wear Cardigans in Winter

Paris fashion weeks of street style pictures starring were everyday classic jerseys. Forget knitting-jeans combo, and a look at how stylish knitted style is born.

1. Connect to knit pleated, midi skirt in a glossy finish. Or dig the closet last pre-Christmas period acquired sequin skirt. Now is the time of year when you can knit all means to combine smooth surface of the lower parts. Do not worry, knitting arkisuus will cut style with maternity knitwear.

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May 23

Home Decoration in Blue and Yellow

Home decoration in blue and yellow: how about giving a great color palette option to decorate your home? Apart from being beautiful, also spreads joy and freshness into your home. How about? This project was designed by Alina Pzhak, and has a fresh and cheerful decor. The environment was decorated with pinches of color in blue and yellow tones, always contrasting with the white background of the environment. In addition to being totally modern, some choices provides classic elegance within the home. So, how about learning a little more about this beautiful project? Check out the beautiful ideas for wall décor.

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May 17

Plus Size Capri Pants Sets

Hello, ladies! How are things going?

I want to invite you to meet the brand New Yorker for capri pants. The proposal of the brand is super original, courageous, and, in my view, extremely intelligent! In addition, the plus size clothes brand are beautiful!

The www.hoticle.com, to challenge the standards of fashion, even selling clothes of all sizes in their catalog, only shows plus size black models in it.

Girls, this is a daring that scared me when I saw! The brand present in their catalog of fashion models considered nonstandard beauty and black, is to break hard stereotypes rooted in the entire history of the fashion world. Not to mention that we’re talking about New York, which, for many, is the biggest showcase in the world.

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May 07

Vintage Watches: Much More Than Inform the Hours

Yes, looks like you’re really there to back the time at which the clock served only to know the time, today it has become an indispensable fashion accessory for anyone who wants a more elaborate production, giving it a special charm and complement any look. Well, not to mention in today’s dress watches, the main stake of the technology market, including Google would be creating your with the right apps, GPS, heart rate monitors, also called smart watches. Well, the fact is that smart or not, big or small, basic or lush, there are on the market today, watches to suit all tastes and styles.

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Apr 29

Sony Xperia Z3: White Scanned Devices In China

The Sony Xperia Z3 could allegedly be – appearing in the September 2014 wonder, then, that the alleged leaks accumulate. In the network pictures have surfaced now that show the upcoming Smartphone flagship in a different color than black, white.

The French tech site NoWhereElse did the images in Chinese forum Weibo – really new info does not emerge but unfortunately from the post. The shots are supposed to see the back and the front panel of the Sony Xperia Z3, apparently they were taken during production at a plant. It is not the first images we see have gotten in the last few weeks. On Thursday, @evleaks on Twitter had published several close-ups, he writes to the upcoming flagship from Japan. Previously we could glimpse already a presumptive prototype of the Sony Xperia Z3, however in classic black.

The Sony Xperia Z3 Will Be Presented In September

In September, Sony could introduce the new top Smartphone and throw shortly after on the market. With this policy, the Japanese company of its line wants to remain faithful, every six months to introduce a new flagship – critics doubt that this could be the case this year. However, the Japanese Sony Xperia Z1 showed last year in September at the IFA 2013, the Sony Xperia Z2 was shown in February at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona.

Only Minor Differences Compared To The Previous Version?

There also several rumors making the rounds, that the Sony Xperia Z3 was already tested at various offices and authorities about the TÜV Rheinland and the American FCC. However, there are still a few info about that because technically everything could make the Smartphone better. Like its predecessor, the Sony Xperia Z3 should get a 20.7 megapixel rear camera. The front camera might have therefore a resolution of 2.1 Megapixels. As a processor, the four core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with a clocking of 2.4 GHz should be used. The memory will probably have 3 GB in size. The display is estimated at 5.1 inches and shall resolve with 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Apr 25

Nikon Coolpix S810c Test: Not For Snapshots

Nikon dares a second attempt and brings a compact camera with Android on the market with the Coolpix S810c again after a long break. This has a minimal advantage over the Galaxy cameras from Samsung, but lost him all along the line.

A small note first: in this test is less details on image quality, but rather Android as an operating system on a camera is as useful and as well with the Coolpix S810c in practice photos to be. In short, It comes to the question, how practical is a camera with Android at all.

Camera With Two Faces

Nikon trusts not only Android in the Coolpix S810c, but also its conventional digital camera software installed. What is a good decision, but also not much help at the end. But we start front.

Nikon Coolpix S810c Android 4.2.2 and thus installed a slightly older version unfortunately. We can currently not really hope for an update. Next is still the Nikon software on the camera, which have also the other models with touch screen on board. Thus, you can record faster and more convenient than with Android photos. Fail the start times of the camera for much shorter: you must also unlock a display, nor open a camera app.

With a tap of the home button, which is really a key and unfortunately not the best, you will start the camera Android. Google’s operating system not jerky but, running Moto E but very slow and slower as with entry-level Smartphones such as the Motorola. For a Smartphone, the low speed would cause very bad reviews, on a camera, one tends to take them. These snapshots are so impossible! The fun of camera so fast on the track, and I reach for images for Facebook and co. continue to the Smartphone.

A look at the hardware provides also hints about why the Android is so slow: Nikon installed a one gigabyte big memory in the Coolpix while, at the same time but keeps a single core processor with 800 megahertz clock rate for enough. Actually a nerve. So today no entry-level Smartphone sold more? Please note: The Nikon is priced at around 300 euros. After all, you can upgrade the 4 GB internal memory with a microSD card. Setting up the Wi-Fi is – as in Android usual – easily.

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Apr 24

Tips For Choosing The Underwear During Pregnancy

The pregnancy is one of the most important moments in the lives of women and comes loaded with changes both physical and psychological level as in routine and habits of expectant mothers.


One of the common questions that often have pregnant is the right choice of clothesand shoes for this period, not only regarding the size, but also in the quality of the fabrics and of course, the type of underwear.

Bras for pregnant

The physical changes usually do not appear until three months of pregnancy, but the breasts can now increase from the first weeks and may even present sensation of pain and swelling.


The fasteners that are used during this period should occur prevent a sagging of the breast, mainly due to the increase of various sizes and suffers modifications for future breast feeding.

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