Mar 01

Marvell Moby-New Touch Screen Tablet For Under 100 Euros?

The Californian company Marvell introduced to the new tablet computer on the future of publishing Summit already. The Marvell Moby tablet is intended for the smallest Internet users and will be integrated in initial tests in schools. The Tablet comes with a 10 inch large touch screen and will probably serve as operating system Google’s Android. However, the Marvell itself will not produce the tablet computer.

What is there for just under 100 dollars?

As already mentioned the Moby with a 10 inch large touch screen is waiting. The integrated Armanda processor from Marvell, not to be confused with the comic-book publisher Marvel, supports 1080 p full HD and 3D content. Our site also reported Moby, and here. It does but not detract from the performance of the battery. The battery is to bring superior performance and all day without recharging offer the students the enjoyment of the tablets. In the Internet you can Wi-Fi also in the school. The Marvell Moby even has support for Flash. Bluetooth may not be missing for the fast exchange of homework. It comes home with the Moby in any case. As with the integrated GPS, the seeping effect is difficult. Here on linux-Our site the equipment can read to be tabulated again. To pass up on the many and serious learning books in school, the tablet computer serves as E-book.

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Feb 28

Nokia Secures Patent For Self-Aufladendes Mobile Phones In Passing

Shake that thing could soon apply as slogan of a new promotion by Nokia. As with the patent for the auto-replenishment of mobile phone, just this movement decides the charge in your pocket. The US Patent Office has now published this news on Our site. The Finnish manufacturer in the patent describes a piezoelectric energy collectors for mobile phones and smartphones.

Long been filed?

So you’d think. Because the patent was already filed in August of the year 2008 by the Finnish manufacturer Nokia. Now is the idea of their popular and worthy of this publication. With this new technology is another option in addition to solar energy, eco-friendly to saturate the battery-hungry mobile phones. Accordingly, a permanent connection via cable no longer necessarily will be necessary thanks to this patent at the upcoming phones.

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Feb 27

Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition-The Popular Touch Screen Smartphone With 18-Karat Gold Plated

The Nokia N97 mini is not too long on the market, even the luxury version of the popular Mini Smartphone is on the way. The special feature of the newbie is the real Carat 18-gold, which shine the small N97 offshoot in new splendour can be. The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia announced that N97 mini Gold Edition to the second quarter of 2010 and it should cost about 600 euros without a contract in Europe.

Performance must not suffer the ornament

As well, unsurprisingly, the real gold has no impact on the facilities of the special N97. Even under the “normal” case of N97 mini works the Smartphone with Symbian S60 5th Edition. The touch screen of 3.2 inches is also the brother of luxury and promises a good performance with up to 16.7 million colors with a resolution of 640 × 360

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Feb 26

Philips X 100-The One Dough Phone Boasting Rock-Solid Features And Fair Price

The new mobile phone from one of the world’s largest electronics companies based in Amsterdam called Philips X 100 is a simple cell phone. Philips aim the new model unkopmlizierten dealing with mobile phones and therefore come with any benefit of mobile telephony to let. And that really almost anyone, because the price moves with approximately 60 euros in the lower price range.

Solid phone with convenient amenities

The Philips X 100 dispenses with the shenanigans of many other cell phones and smartphones. It is simple and to the original use of a mobile phone, namely telephones and text messages compose, designed. In particular this is Philips X 100 but a flyweight. Chocolate, is extremely easy with just 53 grams, so about as much as a half

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Feb 25

Eee Pad-Asus Want To Mix With Its Own Touchscreen Tablet The New Market!

Meanwhile, the iPad no longer is the only tablet computer, which is announced to have respectively. Also ASUS would now participate in the prophesied rewarding business of the tablets. The Eee PC to build on the success it the Eee pad, as announced already by name, with good facilities and great design. Just the weaknesses of the iPad are fixed with the Eee pad by ASUS. The Tablet PC is therefore as a serious competitor to watch.

Especially between the competition

iPad, WePad and EEE pad! Sound all similar and yet completely different. For three years now, the WePad is developed by Neofonie in collaboration with Intel, Siemens, and Adobe. In August of this year it should be finally ready, then the German WePad will record the competition with the Apple iPad. The Eee pad presses now with the important functions between these two tablets and also wants a part of the cake on the Tablet market. In June, the Eee pad at Computex, the fair in Taiwan will be presented. This will take place from June 1-5. Here on Our site is also written by the presentation of the tablets.

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Feb 24

The Apple Ipad Is Dependent On The Equipment From March 26, 2010 To Buy!

The Apple iPad we already for several weeks on the whole world eagerly expected. Since now finally relatively short is a sale date, the date of purchase of the future technical miracle work can be planned exactly. Since the iPad in a total of six different Ausstattungeskombinationen to buy will be, there will be several dates, where you can buy a particular model each.

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Feb 23

Samsung M5650-The New Touchscreen Phone Lindy For Young Music Lovers

The Samsung M5650Lindy also called a lot ahead has its predecessor Corby. The newcomer Lindy offers what has been criticized on the Samsung S3650 Corby. The Touchscreen phone to attract mainly young people and boasts a deultich that feature package. Dedicated music keys allow quick use of the integrated MP3 player.

Colourful mobile

The Samsung M5650 is better equipped than its predecessor in many ways. The individuality of the mobiles Corby and Lindy is evident in the interchangeable covers. This is one of the few features that still has the successor of the feature. It turns out the design on the younger generation here. The usual suspects such as FM radio, touch screen with a resolution of 240 × 320 pixels, Bluetooth and MP3 players overlap also in both phones Samsung S3650 Corby and M5650 Lindy. Here on mobile Our site a data sheet to the newbie is to find.

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Feb 22

Samsung S8500 wave-Super-Touchscreen Smartphone Over Just a Little “Wave”!

The S8500 Wave from the House of Samsung shines with superlatives and is innovation and topicality cannot be beat. Follow new new and at the end is probably currently the Samsung wave. Already the touch screen makes use of the latest technology called Super AMOLED. The proprietary operating system Bada will find its place for the first time in the S8500 wave. As if that would be sufficient to provide publicity on the Smartphone market, not the wave first DIVX is HD-zertifierte Smartphone, no wonder with these features.

First Super-touchscreen

The OLED technology is one of the best imaging technique in the area of the display. The battery is spared, colors and contrasts are top notch. But thus the wave Samsung’s is not satisfied. A normal OLED technology would be in this over Smartphone, Samsung calls this AMOLED, but only claim on the upscale class. With the Super AMOLED in a size of 3.3 inches, which promises more gamers colors and contrasts, the Smartphone in the area of the touch screens earned the superlative that’s already contributes through the technology. The colors shine much brighter and the battery will be charged less than the “normal” AMOLED technology. As a result everything on display is now even in direct sunlight. By the way, the display is also a capacitive, which resolves with 800 × 480 pixels. The Samsung Wave fits easily in the hand and offers good feel. The housing is almost entirely made of aluminium and can shine the wave in an elegant design.

And with super it goes!

Because the Samsung wave is the first Smartphone with the new Bada operating platform. Here on Our site  was just today announced that Samsung has opened up the development environment of the open operating system for all users. Previously, it was possible to gain access to partners only direct Samsung. Thus, Samsung wants to attract developers for the new platform and inspire. Examples to facilitate the development of applications for the operating system. There are of course but also some good apps for the Samsung Smartphones that will be equipped with the new operating system. The Samsung app store, these children can be downloaded easily on the Smartphone.

Liquid handling

The 1 GHz clock end fast processor and of course several programs can be operated at the same time liquid and well the new operating system Bada from Samsung. This is essentially even with the multi-tasking ability. Thus, there is Task Manager, which many of the local computer will know which allows you to quickly change and closing programs. Not that’s in such hardware at all would be needed, but who met the Task Manager, wants to give him. The menu is very clear and is the combination of TouchWiz 3.0 on a very personal note. Previously, the TouchWiz interface only in operating systems to Symbian and co. to find, with the interaction in the Samsung S8500 Wave, it acts as himself would have found a couple that had to wait long to but always would want to harmonize with each other. So to speak, love at first sight, but because of the same innovative manufacturer Samsung also not really surprising. A milestone has succeeded but really in terms of operation and performance. The home screen and the menu can be adapted to the personal requirements of TouchWiz. Direct access to social networks such as Facebook and StudiVZ can be placed as a widget. The so-called social hub shows messaging, organizer and contact information. By the way, this function queries the mail and integrates them directly in the application.Here on mobile can find many latest videos to the over Smartphone, which confirm these impressions.

Remaining hardware deserves also at least super

The wave brings above all also a new generation of Bluetooth called 3.0. You can now already no longer hear Bluetooth 2.0 and any mobile device or cell phone, that leaves the shop counter, can Flash a Bluetooth 2.0 sticker somewhere on the packaging, or directly on the device. Bluetooth 3.0 consumes less power and offers a transmission speed of up to 24 MBit / s. For comparison, Bluetooth 2.0 supports a transmission speed of up to just 2.1 Mbps. The camera in the Samsung Wave for once now meets upscale mediocrity in the field of smartphones, can stand out by shooting pictures but not much from the competition. The integrated double LED Flash, autofocus, Geoatgging and the smile shot function can but let see. The HD video recording opportunity again is among the superlatives and leaves the Samsung wave in the usual brilliant light. For mobile Internet are all important components on the shaft available, and with HSDPA and HSUPA, nothing in the way is the high speed surfing. The internal memory from 2 GB to 8 GB is relatively large Smartphone, what with the HD video recording is also urgently necessary. Who gets to know the HD recording with the Samsung S8500 Wave, however, will need quickly a storage expansion itself. You can pimp the memory up to 32 GB via microSD card. That watch some movies on it and by the way remains still a little room for a playlist of favorite music. The MP3 player then makes a mobile sound experience thanks to the Sorround sound from the songs. The super slim Samsung wave offers the perfect companion on the GPS module and the maps of Google maps 3.0 with an unlimited license period home. Should be the way himself but even rockier and more complicated as intended the GPS module with the navigation solution.

Oversized matching rate with flat rate Internet

The Samsung wave has been designed thanks to the comprehensive mobile surf package directly for use in the worlwideweb. Also extend apps and create the widgets, the E-mail capabilities and the social hub cry out for the mobile Inetrnet and make your Smartphone more perfect than it already is. Our site- mobile phones buy cheap online offers many fares that permit this last step to perfection. The o2 active data offers a monthly data Flatrate for €25 a month without wagering. With a mobile data flat-rate the Samsung wave from a wave to an open sea blossoms, which invites you to jump on every wave. Who can however imagine the S8500 wave with a different tariff, can grab the wave and the desired tariff in the blender on Our site- buy mobile phones online and gets the best price offered. The very narrow with 10.9 mm Samsung wave will be over the course of the next week at Our site- buy mobile phones online and will cost about €350 without contract. Not as up on the wave of innovation also here on is reported.


Feb 21

PlayStation Move More Than Just Competition For Nintendo Wii

Starting in the autumn there will be similar to a new controller for the PlayStation as with the Wii, which allows motion-based gaming. The significant plus for the motion controller for the PlayStation 3: precision in perfection. The eye camera captures not only the movements, but also the 3D space and the angle of view. A prototype of Conrollers was presented for the first time at E3 2009. Now it is official and found a final design.

PlayStations eye toy experiences delivered

In 2003, the makers of the PlayStation eye toy model created. The game for the second generation provided important impressions and experiences to PlayStation move so precise and accurate to enable.For the already existing games, PlayStation will move be possible according to the PlayStation. Blog (here).Move has little influence and impact on the performance of the PS3. Accordingly, are graphically and to make no cuts in the gameplay.

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Feb 20

Sony Ericsson Satio-The New Update For The Touchsreen Smartphone Offers Better Video Quality And Dlna Support

Sony Ericsson will offer in the next few days for the Satio with the 12 a new update-mega pixel camera. With this firmware version, video shoots are then possible in a higher resolution. The video format then adapts to the touch screen and is widescreen format. In addition, the firmware update offers an improved user interface and the possibility of data transmission via DLNA.

Increased video quality

So far, it can be turned with the Sony Ericsson Satio videos with a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. On the large 3.5-inch touch screen that is not screen-filling and causes correspondingly less attractive margins. By raising the 864 × 480 pixel resolution, the quality is now raised in WVGA. This allows the widescreen and then fills the entire display of Satios. The homemade videos can be upload update conveniently directly at YouTube mi.

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